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Begun in 1987, Upper Meadows Farm has been devoted to sustainable holistic agriculture. Joining the Certified Organic community in 1991, we have maintained certification by NOFA-NJ ever since. We have evolved from our beginnings on 4 1/2 acres to our current size of 153 acres, all certified organic. During the course of which time, we have raised pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and cattle, for meat, fur, fiber, eggs, and milk. We have also expanded our vegetable production from the traditional "kitchen garden," which remains as one of our fields, to approximately 10 acres today, that serves our CSA as well as other markets. We are gradually expanding our fruit capabilities and planted 37 fruit trees in 2003.We have continued to plant some apples and pears each year since. We have been working to expand our berry bush and will be planting blueberries, which we last had available in 1994 and moving our raspberry patch. We are planning on planting new grape varieties to augment our concord vines. We have devoted an additional 1/4 acre to perennial flower production. We make hay when the sun shines and rotate our grain crops, which have been oats, wheat, rye, spelt, flax, buckwheat, and corn. All our livestock products are pasture based and we are always working to improve and expand our pasture. We anticipate being able to offer fresh pork again in 2006. We have several very busy beehives and have raw honey available year round while supplies last. We also have maple syrup courtesy of our trees with a measure of hard work added for flavor.
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Upper Meadows Farm

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